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STEM Field Trips

STEM disciplines are an integral part of all of kids’ favorite activities. By showing them how everyday experiences, even roller-skating tie into science, technology, engineering, and math, we can engage their minds and encourage kids’ passion for learning. Firehouse partners with Roanoke and surrounding area teachers to show kids real world applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom. We have multiple lesson plans to choose from, giving teachers a chance to tie-in daily education with a fun lesson that will make it stick. After all, there’s nothing better than getting kids excited about learning!

Teachers always participate and eat free!

STEM Field Trips
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Book a STEM field trip for students of any age. Firehouse Skate N Play has a variety of lesson plans tailored to different disciplines and age groups that teach kids about.

The Science of Skating

Topics like: Geometry, Friction, Reverse Engineering, Design Students will learn about the parts of a roller skate/ inline skate and how each part functions to make the skate. They will discuss how surfaces in the rink are made of different materials and how that affects the skate in motion. Students will have a chance to showcase their creativity and design a new feature for a skate.

Motion & Skate Design

Topics Like: Motion, Physics, Design Students will get an introduction into the physics of roller skating by discussing the four parameters of motion. Students will answer an open-ended question by inventing their own skate designs.

Heart, Health & Fitness

Topics Like: Basic Anatomy, Heart Health, Labeling a Graph Students will learn about basic human biology and how the body works from the inside out. Students will focus on heart related anatomy, nutrition, and exercise. Students will have fun exploring through heart healthy activities, such as finding and calculating an average heart rate. Students will also learn about the importance of making heart healthy food choices by identifying and understanding nutritional labels and facts.

Acoustics & Rink Design

Topics Like: Sound Waves, Doppler Effect, Sound System Design Students will explore how sound waves look and how they travel through different mediums. They will discuss sounds that related to the roller skating rink including the differentiation in speaker pitch and tones.

Engineering Magic & Lighting

Topics Like: Electromagnetic Spectrum, The Speed of Light, Light Waves Students will learn about the speed of light and how light travels.Students will learn the exciting effects of light and the use of reflection and refraction.

Newtons Laws of Motion

Topics Like: Motion, Inertia, Force Students will learn about Newton’s three laws, how they relate to real world experiences and roller skating. They will learn how force and mass play a large role in motion and construct a balloon rocket.

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